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The captain

Meet the legendary Red Beard, the mastermind behind the most unforgettable adventures on the Outer Banks with his Tiki Boat Cruises and Sunset Tours on the breathtaking waters of Pamlico Sound! This be no ordinary captain, but a pirate with a heart as vast as the ocean and a love for this coastal paradise. 

As ye embark on a journey like no other, Red Beard shall reveal the hidden gems and wonders of the Outer Banks, sailing the waters of Pamlico Sound with the cunning and charm only a seasoned pirate can possess. His knowledge of this treasured land will leave ye in awe, and his tales of daring escapades will send shivers down yer spine.

Red Beard's Tiki Boat Cruises promise a swashbucklin' good time as he guides ye through the enchanting islands, quaint villages, and the captivating wildlife that call this place home.

From the golden rays of sunrise to the crimson hues of sunset, Red Beard's passion and expertise will ensure that yer adventure be nothing short of extraordinary. Hoist a tankard of grog, enjoy the cool sea breeze, and bask in the camaraderie of fellow adventurers as you cruise along the serene waters of Pamlico Sound, chasing excitement and laughter like a true pirate crew.

So, me hearties, prepare to create memories that will be whispered in pirate taverns for centuries to come. Join Red Beard's Tiki Boat Cruises and Sunset Tours, and let the legend of yer voyage spread like wildfire across the high seas! Arrr!

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