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Ahoy, me hearties! When ye be bookin' a cruise, remember this: read the policies and guidelines afore ye set sail! 'Tis the compass that'll steer ye away from troubles and keep the journey smooth. Walkin the plank be not the place ye want to find yerself, so take a moment to chart the course of the guidelines BEFORE YOU BOOK. Wise sailors know the ropes and are prepared, so be one of them, savvy? With the wind at yer back and knowledge in yer mind, let the sea's embrace carry ye on a grand adventure! Fair winds to ye all!


We DO NOT put strangers together. If there is just one or two of you, either pay the full charter price or put your own group together. It is your responsibility to communicate the captain's arrival time and other notices to everyone in your group. 


Please be prepared to sign a release on behalf of your party upon arrival.

Our Captained cruises are licensed for a maximum of six passengers per boat according to US Coast Guard regulations. Both children and adults, regardless of age or size, are considered passengers. We cannot accommodate seven or more passengers on a charter package. NO EXCEPTIONS.


For reservations, a $100 deposit is required to secure your cruise. We understand that sometimes plans change, and life's tides can be unpredictable. If you need to cancel your Tiki Cruise reservation, here's our fair and friendly policy:

  1. Cancellation within 48 Hours: If you cancel your reservation at least 48 hours before your scheduled cruise, we'll gladly provide a full refund of your payment.

  2. Cancellation within 24 Hours: If you cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled cruise, we'll offer a 50% refund of your payment.

  3. No-Show Policy: In the event of a no-show or failure to cancel, no refund will be provided.

For any cancellations due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances on our end, rest assured, we'll work with you to reschedule or offer a full refund.

Yo-ho-ho, we value your trust and understanding!

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at or give us a jingle at (252) 489-6165.



To ensure a smooth experience, ARRIVE EARLY! Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your departure time. If you are 30 minutes late for departure time without notifying us, it will be considered a "NO SHOW," and your deposit will be forfeited. Be sure to communicate to EVERYONE in your group the arrival time provided by the captain. 


The deposit and balance of your payment will be from the individual who booked the cruise. But be aware, it is yer responsibility to collect the payment from the other five souls in yer merry crew. So collaborate and cooperate amongst yerselves, and may favorable winds guide ye in settling the debt before we embark on our daring escapade! Yo-ho-ho, a united crew ensures a journey without a hitch!



Gratuities for your captain and crew are standard in the industry, typically ranging from 15-20% or more based on the level of service received. It's considered polite to show appreciation for their hard work. We wouldn't want our captain to cry all night!



For your convenience, we provide a cooler. If you bring your own we prefer soft or hard-sided coolers over Styrofoam ones, which can be messy and split open. Please no black bottom shoes or heels on the deck! Just board barefoot - that's how we roll! We have white erasure sponges for you to scrub the deck on hand should you ignore this request!  To ensure everyone's safety, smoking of cigarettes, cigars, and pipes is permitted on the boat and island, but illegal drugs or substances are strictly prohibited and will be reported to authorities. You are welcome to bring your own beverages. No RED WINE allowed! It stains the deck and the captain will seize it and enjoy it later with his friends! 



For fishing enthusiasts, you are allowed to fish or trawl from the boat. However, you must bring your own fishing gear, bait, and a valid State of North Carolina fishing license. We are not experts in fishing regulations, so please be sure to check those before your trip.



Parents with children aged 12 years and younger should ensure their little ones wear personal flotation devices while walking around the dock and during the boat ride. Safety first! We do NOT provide babysitting services so please keep an eye on your children at all times. Children under 30lbs must provide their own personal flotation device.



Pet owners are welcome to bring their furry companions, but please follow our guidelines: dogs must be on a leash, and pet owners are responsible for any damages caused by their pets. Pets are not allowed on the seats, only on the deck.



  • Sunscreen is a must to protect yourself from the North Carolina sun.

  • We provide coast guard approved life jackets.

  • Staying hydrated is crucial, we do provide bottled water but feel free to bring your own, and we provide a cooler for your drinks.

  • We provide light snacks, or feel free to bring your own sandwiches, or any other food you'd like to enjoy during the trip, as there are no restaurants or snack bars on board.

  • Don't forget your camera! Our crew is more than happy to add some lively atmosphere to your pictures.

  • Bring your beach towels and a change of clothes if you prefer not to sit in a wet swimsuit after swimming. In the summer, you'll dry off quickly!

  • In the winter months, it's a good idea to bring something warm to wear, as chilly sea breezes can still be felt despite the warm land temperatures.


For those who love to capture memories with music, our boat has Bluetooth capabilities, and we do offer six USB charging ports on board.



If you tend to experience motion sickness, you might consider alternatives to Dramamine, such as Ginger pills or Ginger Root, which can be found at natural food stores and won't make you drowsy.



Lastly, remember to leave the kitchen sink at home! Pack lightly, as the crew will handle any luggage or belongings you bring on board. We want you to have the best time, so focus on enjoying the sailing, swimming, and fun!

Arr, shiver me timbers! Now that ye have read our policies and guidelines, let's set sail and get ye booked for a jolly cruise on the high seas!

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